Thursday, 1 June 2017

Malaysia Airlines drama as man tries to enter cockpit

MALAYSIAN AIRLINES A330-323 9M-MTI (CN 1337)    File Photo

A Malaysian Airlines A330 made an emergency landing in Melbourne last night after a passenger tried to enter the cockpit while claiming to have a bomb.
MH128 took off from runway 16 in Melbourne at 11.21pm bound for Kuala Lumpur before performing a small loop and landing again on runway 16 at 11.47pm.
The passenger, a Sri Lankan national who was apparently drunk, was overpowered by the plane's crew and later arrested at Melbourne's airport, Malaysia's Deputy Transport Minister Abdul Aziz Kaprawi told AFP.
The man responsible is in custody and being interviewed by AFP and Victoria Police.
Police understand the man has a history of mental illness.
Supt Tony Langdon, from NW Metro, said the “device” the man was holding was “obviously not an explosive device” but would not go into detail.
He said members from the Special Operations Group detained the man after the flight was turned back to Melbourne.

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