Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Fist Fight on All Nippon Flight

ALL NIPPON B787-9 JA873A (CN 34530)                     File Photo

Two passengers started throwing punches at each other on board a flight on Monday from Tokyo to LAX ... and one ended up in handcuffs.
The fight broke out right before an All Nippon Airways flight NH 6 took off from Tokyo. According to another passenger ... the men were arguing about something when the brawl started. The men threw punch after punch ... even after a flight attendant and other passengers tried to jump in between them.
Once security boarded the plane ... one of the guys yelled, "You think I'm crazy? What about the government?!"
One of the combatants -- a 44-year-old American -- was removed and reportedly choked an airline employee in the terminal. He was arrested for assault.
At one point, several flight attendants manage to move one of the men toward the front of the plane, where he briefly turns back to shout something about “America.”
However, the man soon returns and resumes fighting with the same passenger.
When a female flight attendant tries to break up the brawl again, she gets caught up in some of the blows.

All Nippon flight 6 was operated by a Boeing 777-381 JA780A (CN 34895)

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