Friday, 21 April 2017

Etihad Airways Turns Plane Around For Elderly Couple

I came across this story today and even though it happened last month I really wanted to post this as I think Etihad needs the "Yay for the day" and I think more airlines should follow suit in times of need.

ETIHAD A380-861 A6-APE (CN 191)            File Photo

In what looks like a star on humanity's shoulders, Etihad Airways is now being massively praised for its above and beyond customer service, owing to which, they turned their aeroplane around for an elderly couple. On board, a flight at Manchester Airport bound for Australia via Abu Dhabi on March 30, the couple found out about their grandson's ill condition only after they boarded the plane.
Just when they were about to turn their net off, they saw a missed call from their son-in-law. "They were taxiing on the runway when they got the text message saying their grandson was in intensive care and they needed to get there," said Stephenson, couple's travel agent.
The couple informed to the crew, who spoke to the pilots, and they then decided to turn the airplane back to the boarding gate. At the same time, staff then arranged for their luggage and car so the couple could leave the airport as soon as possible.

Sadly, their grandson died the following day on March 31.
Apart from this, the couple has been offered the choice to use their ticket whenever they want to, but they haven't decided when they will fly. Anyway, Etihad Airways has done a marvellous job here, something a lot of us can remember for decades to come!

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