Monday, 20 February 2017

Brisbane to Sydney Flight

It was time to head south again to Sydney for a few days but this time my trip extends on to Melbourne on Wednesday night.
My flight was at 5.20am and boarding will be at 5am, so I got to the airport at 4.30am.
I made my way through security and once again got pulled up for the bomb detection swab.
After that I headed for the Qantas Club for breakfast, where I had my birch muesli, toast and coffee.
At 4.55am I headed to gate 23 where my Qantas flight 503 was waiting and was really annoyed to find the plane had already boarded and I was the last few to board. I took my seat which was 24A; I was given 9A but I remembered that seat doesn't have a window at all, so I opted for a seat way back away from the wing. I also chose A so I can see the international aircraft on the ground when we land in Sydney. The aircraft for this trip was the usual 737-838 and VH-VXR (CN 33724) was the aircraft. The cabin doors were closed at 5.17 and we pushed back at 5.20. We taxied  out for runway 19 at 5.24am. After a short hold we lined up and began rolling getting airborne at 5.31am. Our climb out was the normal left and right turns before setting course for Sydney. Our cruising altitude was 360 and the flight was extremly smooth.  Our track took us down over Beaudesert and east of Armidale before tracking for Sydney, our arrival took us over the city of Sydney and south of the airport. The view coming in was amazing.


We began our descent at 6.18am and landed on runway 34R at 6.45am, due to daylight savings we added an hour making our official arrival time 7.45am

THAI B747-4D7 HS-TGW (CN 27724)

ETIHAD B777-3FX A6-ETL (CN 39687)

Yesterday an Emirates 777 freighter with a Rose painted on the side of it came into Sydney and I found out last night it was still on the ground. I was hoping like crazy it would still be there this morning and not only was it there, But theY moved it while we were taxiing in to a place where I could get a really good shot of it.

EMIRATES B777-F1H A6-EFL (CN 42230)


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