Monday, 9 January 2017

Kuranda Heritate Train

Today we were up early again and on the road by 7.30am as we were going on the heritage train to Karanda. I have been looking forward to this trip ever since I booked it months ago, and can I say it didn't disappoint.
We got to the station and checked in; our seats were in car no 3 (carriage no: BLH752) on the trip up and car no 5  (carriage no: BB6004) on the way down.
The one way trip takes almost two hours to travel the 37 klm track. We left the station right on time at 8.30 and stopped 15 minutes up the road at a place called Freshwater to collect more passangers. Once everyone was on board we departed and it was there we passed through 15 tunnels, travelled over 40 bridges; went around 93 curves and climbed to a height of 320mts. The next stop was an hour and a half later at a place called Barron Falls. There we stopped for 10 minutes to grab photos and take in the view. Leaving Barron Falls it was only a 20 minute trip to Karanda.
The railway track snakes its way up the Macalister Range and is no longer used for regular commuter services. It passes through the suburbs of Stratford, Freshwater (stopping at Freshwater Station) and Redlynch before reaching Kuranda. The line is also used for some freight services and other passenger services, such as The Savannahlander. Once at Karanda we walked streets looking at the shops and the many markets. We then went on a 45 minute river cruise, seeing wildlife like freshwater croc's; fish and turtles. Wasn't long and it was time to head back to the train for another breathetaking trip back down the mountain arriving back in Cairns just after 4pm.
The train numbers were 1734 and 1764; the 1720 class of locomotives were built between 1966 and 1970

Builder: Commonwealth Engineering at Rocklea in Brisbane.
Model: GL 18C
Type: Deisel - Electric
Engine: EMD 8-64SE 2 stroke V8
Traction Power: 1000 hp
Length: 12.34 metres.
Weight: 63 Tonnes
Carriges: Made from Silky Oak built from 1909- 1913

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