Friday, 6 January 2017

Green Island Day Trip

This morning we were all up early, showered, feed and on the road by 7.30am as we were going to Green Island and had to be checked in by 8.15. The Big Cat's Green Island "Reef Rocket" departed on time at 9am and sailing out of Cairns harbour was really lovely. It was so nice to have a dry day and although it was overcast it was still very hot. The trip it self was really smooth apart from when we crossed paths with a container ship, passing directly in front of us passing from left to right. The trip was around 45 minutes and we made it right on time. On the way over there we were given our snorkling gear (i.e flippers; mouth tube and googles) As we got off the boat walking along the jetty we saw a turtle almost immediatly; once on Green Island we had a quick look around; took a few photos and then got into the fun. Because of stingers it was strongly recommened we get a lyrca suit to protect ourselves.
My eldest daughter and I opted for snorkling while my wife and younger daughter stayed dry on a glass bottom boat. Snorkling was the most amazing thing I have ever done; floating face down in the water looking at the ocean life below the water was incredible. You can't hear a thing apart from your own breathing and your heart beating. I swam amongst a school of fish; hundreds and hundreds of them all around 5cms long. It was so incredable; the long sea grass swaying from side to side was home to many bigger coloured fish and as I floated over the top of them they kept their nerve and stayed completly still, probably thinking I was a shark. Since it was hot I kept my fluids up drinking about 2 lts of saltly water...YUK!!!
Wasn't long and it was time to head back to Cairns; arriving back at the wharf mid afternoon. Since we were still in our bathers we decided to have a swim in the waterpark on the waterfront. Arriving back at our unit around 4pm we jumped in the pool again, and again I kept up my fluids drinking pool water... YUK.
We finished off the day with another BBQ

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