Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Day trip to Mareeba - Atherton

As our amazing holiday comes to an end tomorrow we decided to go on one last trip; this time we headed to Mareeba and Atherton for a look around. On the way up we stopped to take a look at the amazing view of Cairns northern beaches and took a few photos. Once in Mareeba we googled what to do in Mareeba and one of the top 5 things to do was visit the Emerald Creek Falls. So we headed that way...The website did not say it was a gravel goat track nor did it say there was a 2klm walk once you get in there.... So unfortunately, after a 20min drive from the highway, and only having thongs on and because of heavy drizzle at the time, we didn't venture any further. I did manage to get a few creek shots though. After driving back to Mareeba we went to Macca's for morning tea then ventured on to a place called "Granite Gorge". There we saw nature at its best; aprt from the massive granite bolders we saw a peacock struting around, we had wallabies running up to us for a hug; being attacked by Silkie hens and being told off by a very large turkey. After an hour there we ventured on to the next town of  Atherton and visited a place called "Crystal Cave". We doned miners lights and ventured into the maze, being in ore of not just the amount of crystals, the size and colours, but where they were from, all over the world. At the end of the walk the girls bought a crystal each to remember today. As we drove up to Mareeba we noticed massive mud mounds everywhere along the highway. After a closer look  and some investigations we discovered they were termite mounds so we took a few photos as we returned home.

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