Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Brisbane to Sydney (December trip)

Well it was time to head to Sydney again for a few days and the last trip for the year.
Qantas has dropped the 5.30am flight so I opted for the 6.05am. I set my alarm for 4am and arrived at the airport at just before 5am. I have a window seat on my Qantas profile but when I checked in on line I got 28B... B the dreaded middle seat. Anyway when I got to the Qantas lounge I spoke to the lovely lady behind the counter and she moved to 10F. Once inside the lounge i had the usual breakfast, bircher muesli and orange juice.
Our flight, QF505, was leaving from gate 20 and boarding was at 5.45, so I made my way up to the gate. Our aircraft today was a Boeing 737-838 and the registration was VH-VZZ
We began boarding right on 5.45, it was a full flight and it took the whole 20 minutes to board everyone. We pushed back at 6.07 and commenced taxiing at 6.11am. 

We taxied out for the full length of runway 19 and we got airborne at 6.12am.  

After departure we banked slightly left for a few seconds and then banked right setting course for Sydney. Our track took us over Laravale, Armidale and then on to Sydney, we climbed to 380 and the flight was very smooth and comfortable. We began our descent into Sydney at 7.10 and usual flew over the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House before landing on 34R at 7.40. 

Due to daylight savings we had to add an hour so our arrival was actually 8.40am

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