Friday, 23 December 2016

Aerosucre 727F crashes in Colombia; kills five

Colombia civil aviation has ordered an investigation into the crash of an Aerosucre Boeing 727 freighter that killed five of six crew members aboard the aircraft two days ago.
The 727F took off from Puerto Carreño Airport (PCR) on runway 24 at 17.20 (local time) and crashed shortly after that. Video circulating on social media shows the aircraft hitting an airport perimeter fence as it struggled to get airborne. According to Colombia’s Aeronáutica Civil agency, the 727F crashed 10 miles from the airport. The flight was heading for Bogota. Aeronáutica Civil said five crew members were killed and a sixth was hospitalized.
The 727-2JO Freighter was registered HK-4544 (CN 21105) and first flew on the 22nd August 1975, making the aircraft just over 40 years old. It was powered by 3 Pratt & Whitney JT8D-15 engines. The 727F was one of two aircraft in Colombian cargo carrier Aerosucre’s fleet and has been flying with Aerosucre for almost 8 years.

22 August 19756Y-JMABoeingfirst flight
29 August 19756Y-JMAAir Jamaicadelivered
17 June 19846Y-JMAAir Jamaicalanding accident at Toronto, Canada
January 1985VR-CMAAir Jamaicanew registration
29 Sept. 19876Y-JMMAir Jamaicanew registration
Jan 1997N281KHKitty Hawk Aircargocargo conversion
10 Jan 2008HK-4544Aerosucreregistered
20 December 2016HK-4544Aerosucreaccident after takeoff Puerto Carreño

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