Sunday, 16 October 2016

Townsville - Brisbane Flight

Well it was time to go home so around midday I left the Defence Force open day display and headed to the domestic terminal to check in for my 2.30pm flight home.
I arrived at the airport around 12.30pm and after checking in I bought some lunch and made my way upstairs to watch for aircraft movements. Unfortunately there weren't any at all in the 90 mins I waited except the two rpt's arriving from Brisbane.

QANTAS B737-838 VH-XZN (CN 44575)


We got the boarding call 10 mins early at 2pm and I took my seat, which was 20F. The aircraft for this sector was VH-YFU (see above photo) Everyone was on board and the door was closed by 2.15 but due to ATC we had to wait for our departure time of 2.35pm. We pushed back at 2.28pm but didn't commence taxiing until 2.35pm. We taxied out for a 01 departure and due to the aircraft display some taxi ways were closed off, so we had to back track down the runway.

REX SAAB 340 VH-ZLV (CN 386)

We started rolling and got airborne at 2.43pm, after climb out we banked right and headed for Brisbane. Our track took us down towards Airlie Beach; as we climbed to 380 we continued on west of Mackay and Rockhampton.



We began our descent at 3.55pm and landed on runway 01 in Brisbane at 4.23pm.

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