Thursday, 8 September 2016

Engine problems cause Emirates 777 to divert to Adelaide

    EMIRATES B777-31H ER A6-EGA (CN 38984)                File Copy

Passengers on board Emirates flight EK 432 were forced to spend the night sleeping on the ground at Adelaide Airport overnight after their plane made an emergency landing due to engine problems.
Flight EK432 a Boeing 777 left Dubai at 3.28am local time from runway 30R and was due to arrive in Brisbane 13 hours 30 minutes later at 10.20pm local time.
The Boeing 777-300ER  A6-EGA (CN 38984) carrying 328 people was diverted to Adelaide Airport, landing on runway 05 at 9.18pm local time on Wednesday 7th September.
A South Australian police spokesman said the plane landed safely and no-one was injured.
Passengers were allowed to get off the plane but were forced to spend the night in the terminal until domestic flights resumed from 6am this morning.
This the second time this week there was an incident with EK 432 as Mondays nights flight which was due to arrive at 10.20pm Monday night didn't arrive until 10.15am Tuesday morning and departed at 12.50pm Tuesday instead of 5am that morning.

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