Thursday, 22 September 2016

Alice Springs - Simpsons Gap and Stanley Chasm

Woke up early like I normally do and checked the weather for today and then watched the sun rise from my balcony.

After a hearty breakfast we all meet in the foyer of the hotel for what was told to us as a "fantastic day" ahead. I boarded one of the two busses and headed off to a place called Simpson Gap.
This was only about a 25 minute drive out of town but it could have be a six hour drive, we were out in the wilderness and it was amazing.

After an hour of viewing this beautiful place it was time to board the bus for another 30 minute drive up the road to a place called Standley Chasm.

Upon arrival we were treated to morning tea by camp fire and we told all about the number of berries and leaves you can eat. 



This lady blew our minds with her knowledge and expertise on bush tucker.
After morning tea we walked in land for another 20-25 minutes to the Chasm and it was truely mind blowing. Our tour guide told us the walls of this Chasm changes colour every day with the movement of the sun, it was best to be seen between 11am -1pm.

After half an hour there we returned to the main enterance were we meet an aboriginal tribe member and we were told about the aboriginals and the number of tribes in the area.
After that we sat down for lunch and then leisurely made our way back to the hotel.

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