Friday, 1 July 2016

Happy 28th Birthday China Southern

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CHINA SOUTHERN A330-323 B-5939   (CN 1494)

China Southern Airlines was established on 1 July 1988 following the restructuring of the Civil Aviation Administration of China. Since then, it acquired and merged with a number of domestic airlines, becoming one of China's "Big Three" airlines alongside Air China and China Eastern Airlines.
The airline's logo is a red kapok flower on a blue vertical tail fin.
China Southern Airlines is also a member of SkyTeam.

CHINA SOUTHERN A330-323 B-5970 (CN 1645)

In July 2000, the CAAC announced that the ten airlines under its direct management will be merged into three airline groups, revolving around Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern itself. On 4 August, China Southern absorbed Zhongyuan Airlines. The following year it acquired China Northern Airlines and China Xinjiang Airlines.  In 2004, the merger was complete and as a result, China Southern Airlines became one of the "Big Three" carriers in the country. Since then, it has successively taken over shareholding stocks and joined the equity in numerous Chinese carriers. The airline is the major shareholder of Xiamen Airlines (51%) and Chongqing Airlines (60%). It also invests in Sichuan Airlines.

The China Southern Airlines Passenger fleet consists of the following aircraft (as of July 2016):
China Southern Airlines Passenger Fleet
AircraftIn ServiceOrdersPassengersNotes
Airbus A319-100398238412524 being processed to be sold to United Airlines.
Airbus A320-20012228241201525 leased to Chongqing Airlines
1 leased to Royal Cambodian Air Force
Order starts by 2016
Airbus A321-200802012143179New order are to have new interior and delivered from 2016.
Airbus A330-2001042448142218B-6528 in SkyTeam livery
62450184257B-6057 in 2010 Asian Games livery
Airbus A330-30081042448208284
1193048197275B-5928 and B-5970 in SkyTeam livery
Airbus A380-8005870428506
Boeing 737-3007145145To be replaced by A320 family and 737 Next Generation
Boeing 737-70031824881206 with winglets
Boeing 737-8001323813216474 with winglets, B-5640 in SkyTeam livery
Boeing 757-20013823160191To be sold back to Boeing
Boeing 777-20041840316374In the process of being retired.
Boeing 777-300ER9143444227309Deliveries 2014 – 2016, first aircraft delivered on 25 February 2014, B-2049 in SkyTeam livery.
Boeing 787-810424200228First aircraft delivered on 2 June 2013
Comac C91920TBA
Embraer E190LR2069298Leased from CLC
China Southern Cargo Fleet
Boeing 747-400F2
Boeing 777F12

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