Monday, 27 June 2016

Singapore flight catches fire on landing

SINGAPORE B777-312 9V-SWY (CN 42238)                   (File Photo)

Singapore Airlines flight 368, a Boeing 777-300ER Registration 9V-SWB (CN 33377) enroute from Singapore's Changi Airport bound for Milan was forced to turn back after an engine oil warning message, the pilots then declared an emergency. "The pilot informed his passengers that he was going to turn back because the engine is leaking oil on the right side. The captain said that they cannot turn on that side of the engine or else the plane will be vibrating. And they can't fly like this to Milan...That's why they turned back," she said.
The aircraft departed Changi Airport from runway 02C at 2.05am local time on Monday morning and returned 4 hours later touching down at 6.50am local time.
The plane's right engine (number 2 engine) caught fire just after the aircraft touched down at the airport. Firefighters were on the scene immediately and put out the fire.
All 241 people on board were evacuated safely.             

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