Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Engine vibration causes QANTAS A380 to turn back

QANTAS A380-841 VH-OQJ (CN 062)

A Qantas A380 flight carrying 410 passengers bound for Dubai has turned back to Sydney after an 'engine vibration issue' was discovered.
QF flight 9 (VH-OQJ) left Melbourne about 11.30 pm last night and the decision to turn back the aircraft was made about two and a half hours later.
Qantas confirmed the incident and said the aircraft landed in Sydney about 6.45 am this morning.
'The captain chose to return the aircraft to Sydney because of an engineering issue and the availability of another aircraft in Sydney which will be used to get customers on their way to Dubai later this morning,' he said.
One of the engines had a vibration issue which was monitored by the crew and also our operations team in Sydney.
The aircraft landed safely and without incident.
The aircraft circled for about 35 minutes over Cowra and about 20 minutes over Goulburn before making its landing in Sydney.
Passengers will be put on another flight to Dubai later on Tuesday morning.

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