Sunday, 17 April 2016

Care Flight

As mention in my post last Saturday (9th April) I was given an airside tour of the Care Flight hanger and to my surprise I saw a Challenger 604 in the hanger. I was told about how this aircraft (below)  was once owned and used by Miley Cyrus and since it has been here in Australia famous groups like KISS and Fleetwood Mac have flown in this aircraft. When I told my girls they were extremely excited and when I told Timmo he said without hesitation; "bring them over for a look".


Well since we were going out for afternoon tea today with family we thought we would venture over to the airport first.

QANTAS B747-438 VH-OJU (CN 45566)

BOMBARDIER BD-700 N60XC  (CN 9588)

After checking out the logistics apron and catching Qantas 15 heading off to L.A we ventured over to the hanger so my girls could see and get to sit in this famous aircraft. Much to our disappointment the Challenger was called out on a job about an hour before.
But Timmo made sure the girls weren't disadvantaged to much and showed them a really good time as they climbed in and out of the helicopter and donned the helmets.

Last time I was there the Learjet (VH-VVI) was all closed up and I couldn't see inside; this time they had a different Learjet VH-CXJ and it was going to go out in just over an hour or so the pilots were on their way in. After a brief introduction we were invited on to the Lear and Dugald wasted no time explaining how things worked. He fired up the displays and even went through the pre-flight checks of alarms etc. Dugald took the time to explain everything in great detail. It wasn't long before I realised the team at Care Flight are an amazing bunch of guys and extremely friendly and patient.



Dugald then asked me if I would like to come inside and watch as he logs his flight plan for his trip to Cairns and back. This was something I found extremely interesting and I know it is not something the normal person would get to see. While Dugald and I were logging his flight plan Timmo yelled out "I have to go", as a job came in and it wasn't long and he was off.  (My wife took the below images)

While Dugald and his team got ready we took advantage of the great viewing spot and took a few photos of aircraft departing.

QANTAS A 330-202 VH-EBO (CN 1169)

TIGERAIR A320-232 VH-VNG (CN 3674)

                     PHILIPPINES A320-232 RP-C8614 (CN 3652)

It was then time for the Lear to be pushed out

But due to our commitments in the city we couldn't wait any longer and had to leave.
We had a really lovely time there and once again our thanks go out to Timmo and Dugald.
If you would like to donate to this amazing cause you can do so here
Or you can call them on  1800 655 876

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