Friday, 1 April 2016

Brisbane to Hobart Trip

Due to receiving some bad news about a family member my family and I jumped on a plane this morning and headed south to my home town of Hobart.
Our day started at 3.30am as we had a 6.30am flight. We left home at 4.30am and headed to the airport. After checking in and clearing security we headed to the food court to feed two young hungry stomaches. After that we went to a window so I can do some spotting before boarding.

TIGERAIR A320-232 VH-VNP (CN 2952)

QANTAS LINK B717-200 VH-NXN (CN 55095)

QANTAS B747-438 VH-OEI (CN 32913)


QANTAS B737-838 VH-VXS (CN 33725)

EMIRATES A380-861 A6-EOG (CN 172)

Our Jetstar flight 759 was due to board at 6am but was delayed until 6.20am. My wife, two girls and I were in the very last row of the Airbus A320... 30 A B C and D the registration of the aircraft today was VH-VGV
We ended up having a no show on board so we had to wait for a suitcase to be found and removed from the aircraft. We finally pushed back at 6.53am and began taxiing at 6.56am. We headed out for a runway 19 Brisbane and after turning into taxiway Alpha 2 we were given a rolling start; we became air born right on 7am. We climbed to flt lvl 360 and our track took us down abeam Armidale over the top of Sydney, skimming the coastline passing over Mallacoota then across Bass Strait to Flinders Island; on to St Helens and then into Hobart.

We began our decsent at 10.06 and landed on runway 30 at 10.33am. We had to add an hour due to daylight savings.
After collecting the luggage and hire car I grabbed a few photos before heading off.

QANTAS LINK B717-200 VH-YQV (CN 55193)
JETSTAR A320-232 VH-VGV (CN 4229)



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