Thursday, 20 August 2015

QANTAS places orders for Boeing 787-9

Qantas will add the Boeing 787 to its international fleet, confirming an order for eight of the next-generation jets with first flights expected in late 2017.
Four of the fuel-efficient Boeing 787-9s will be delivered in the 2017-2018 financial year, with the next four from 2018-2019.
The Dreamliners will replace five Boeing 747s and also be used to launch new international destinations. Qantas CEO Alan Joyce cited Melbourne to Dallas/Forth Worth as a potential Boeing 787 route. "Obviously a market like Melbourne to Dallas opens up as an opportunity for us" Joyce suggested as an example of "long-range routes we don't fly today."
Also on the list are "routes that have low levels of traffic that don't justify a Boeing 747, and routes that are less frequent which we want to get to daily."
"Because the 787 is smaller than the jumbos it will gradually replace, it gives us the flexibility of having more aircraft without significantly changing our overall capacity."
Qantas' initial Boeing 787 order includes three aircraft previously pencilled in for Jetstar, which have been converted from the smaller 787-8 to the larger and longer-range 787-9.
Qantas still has 15 purchase options and 30 purchase rights up its sleeve "and eventually the rest of the Boeing 747s and Airbus A330s will be replaced" Joyce confirmed during the airline's FY15 briefing in Sydney this morning, where he reported a near-$1 billion profit.
"But it depends on the performance of the group, like anything," Joyce added, allowing that Qantas has "significant flexibility over the timing of delivery should they be exercised."
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