Saturday, 20 June 2015

George Washington sales into Brisbane

The USS George Washington, a Nuclear - powered aircraft carrier and its 5,500 crew members on board arrived at the Port of Brisbane on Friday for a four-day stay.
The aircraft carrier stands 74.4 metres from the keel to the mast and stretches 333 metres from bow to stern.
The flight deck is 76.8 metres wide and equal to 18,210 square metres.
Its displacement - a measure of the weight of the vessel - is approximately 87,966 metric tonnes and its top speed is 56 kilometres per hour.
It has a library, fitness facilities, a general store, barber, medical facilities, fire department and food services that prepare and serve 18,000 meals a day.
For the sailors it will be a quick break before heading up north to participate in Exercise Talisman Saber next month.
It involves approximately 33,000 US and Australian personnel in operations near Darwin, Rockhampton, the maritime areas of the Coral Sea, and Australian ranges including the Bradshaw, Shoalwater and Townsville Field Training Areas.

USS George Washington facts

  • Commissioned: July 4, 1992
  • Propulsion: Two nuclear reactors that permit the ship to steam for almost 18 years before refuelling
  • Meals served daily: 18,000
  • Number of compartments and spaces: 3,360
  • Number of telephones: 2,000
  • Capacity of air conditioning system: 3,267 tonnes
  • Daily capacity of water distilling plants: 1.5 million litres, enough to supply 2,000 homes

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