Saturday, 11 April 2015

Strategicly Australian

Going through my photos this morning I came across these images from the past and I thought I would share them with you. Unfortunately this is another failed airline in Australia.

Founded in 1991 as an air freight broker and trading as Air Charter Logistics, Strategic Aviation Pty Ltd was established. In 2002, Michael James joined the company as an Executive Director and equal shareholder. With a background at Ansett and air charter, James assisted the company to successfully bid for the Australian Defence Force Troop Lift Contract. With this diversification, the trading name was dropped and the company rebranded as "Strategic".
This contract was initially serviced with a leased Airbus A330 from Portuguese Airline HiFly utilising Australian crews. Former OzJet operations director David Blake was appointed CEO in 2008 to assist with the expansion of the airline side of the business.
The first Australian registered aircraft, A330-200 VH-SSA was delivered in July 2009, and the Australian Air Operators Certificate was awarded soon after in September. This was complemented by the third A320 in December 2009.

STRATEGIC A330-232  VH-SSA (CN 324)

STRATEGIC A320-212 VH-YQA (CN 190)

STRATEGIC A320-211 VH-YQB (279)

STRATEGIC A320-212 VH-YQC (395)

In June 2009 Strategic purchased the troubled airline OzJet along with its staff, its Air Operators Certificate and the Perth-Derby RPT route.

OZJET B737-229 VH-OBN (CN 21137)

OZJET B737-229 VH OZU (CN 21176)

In February 2011 Executive Director, Shaun Aisen severed his ties with the company leaving Michael James the sole owner. Six months following Mr Aisen's leave from the company six other members of staff left the company as well, namely the chief executive, the chief operating officer and the commercial manager. 2 April 2011, it was first claimed that the airline would change its name by the end of the year, in order to create a brand more identifiable with its Australian roots.
The name change was confirmed in August 2011, with the airline also planning on becoming a low-cost carrier and announcing service from Brisbane and Melbourne to Honolulu to begin in December 2011.

Air Australia officially launched on November 3rd 2011. With its first flight on November 5th 2011.


On 17 February 2012 at 1:30am the Strategic Group's directors decided that the Strategic group of companies including Air Australia, Strategic Engineering Australia, and Strategic Aviation, would be placed into voluntary administration. This was brought about because the fuel supplier refused to refuel an aircraft in Phuket, Thailand on 16 February 2012 due to mounting outstanding payments.

Air Australia suspended all flights leaving approximately 4,000 passengers stranded in Denpasar (Indonesia), Phuket (Thailand) and Hawaii (USA), as well as domestically in Australia. These passengers were advised that they would have to make their own travel arrangements.
The airline owed creditors up to $90 million but had only $1 million in assets as much of its equipment was leased. Administrator Mark Korda said the airline is "not saleable" and is likely to go into liquidation.

The collapse put 300 employees out of work and on 24 March 2012, the creditors voted to place Air Australia into liquidation.

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