Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Inverell Airport

After doing my calls in Armidale this morning I had another 90 min drive to the next town of Inverell. As I was driving there I thought I will swing by the airport (tiny as it is) and have a look at what was there. I thought I would try my luck and see if I could get airside for some photos as the aircraft were parked on angles and away from the fence line so I couldn't get any decent shots.
I tried knocking on a few office doors without luck, then I found a business that was open, I went in and spoke to this very nice gentleman explaining that I had a blog and I was from Brisbane and I wanted to know if someone could take me airside to get a few photos. Well, in true country style fashion Paul; the managing director of Northwest Aviation; said yes mate feel free to wonder around and get what you want.
Inverell Airport (IATA: IVR, ICAO: YIVL) is located approximately 15 km (9.3 miles) south of the Inverell township. It is owned and operated by the Inverell Shire Council; the airport has two runways; the main runway, 16 / 34 is asphalt and is 2,114 metres long (6,936 feet) and the second runway is a grass / dirt runway measuring 700 metres long (2,297 feet). the airport is 813 metres  (2,667 feet) above sea level. I discovered when I was there they have a brand new terminal, in fact I don't even think it is open yet as the doors were all locked and I could see plastic on all the seats.
The airport does not have a control tower so pilots are required to communicate via a Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) to safely co-ordinate arrivals and departures.
Thanks again goes to Paul at Northwest Aviation but also to my beautiful wife; Judy; who gathers all the data for me while I am on the road.
Tonight I am in Moree so I will be visiting the airport after my calls tomorrow.


PIPER PA-28-151 CHEROKEE VH-PZM (CN 28-7715152)

CESSNA 182 Q VH-WNJ (CN 18265705)

PIPER PA-32-300 CHEROKEE VH-PBG (CN 32-40859)

CESSNA 182Q VH-FUZ (CN 18266516)

PIPER PA-31-350 NAVAJO VH-LIL (CN 31-7852061)


PIPER PA28-180D VH-ARD (CN 28-4911)

FAR RIGHT .. CESSNA 152C VH-KTM (CN 15285800)

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