Friday, 10 April 2015

Helicopter Growth Rate slows to almost Zero

Growth in the Australian helicopter industry has slowed to almost zero according to the Australian Helicopter Industry Association (AHIA).
In their quarterly report for January-March 2015, AHIA noted that after 20 years of 7-8% per year growth, there has been very little expansion in the industry since June 2014. In fact, only 10 new rotary-wing aircraft were added to the register since then, a growth of a mere 0.62%.
AHIA Public Officer and Company Secretary Rob Rich blamed several factors for the sudden halt in growth.
"There are many factors causing this setback," he said in the report. "Some are:
  • The Federal government’s financial problems following the ongoing budget crisis; where the attempt to the cut spending patterns of the last government are striking fierce resistance.
  • The collapse of the Australian dollar has made acquisition of aviation assets more expensive to buy and operate.
  • The Deputy Prime Minister (our defacto Aviation Minister) has been unsuccessful in avoiding the paralysis of the CASA Board and senior management due to key people leaving at end of their contract, after the last election.
  • The end of the mineral export boom, lower oil prices, long running droughts in northern Australia and general global financial difficulties have added to the latent problems effecting our industry
Australia currently has a fleet of 2,114 helicopters, made up of 1,304 single-engine pistons, 563 single-engine turbines and 247 multi-engine aircraft.

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