Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Playing with a Full Moon

With summer now behind us, night time comes a little earlier everyday, (by 6.40 it is dark) so soon we will miss the chance to get a daylight photo of the daily Emirates flight arriving from Auckland. Being a full moon I thought I would take the opportunity while I can so I took my family for a drive to a park where I knew we would get photos of the beast tracking down the ILS for a runway 01 landing. The light was fading fast and I thought I might have missed out altogether. it was nice to see aircraft flying over and under the moon. 

VIRGIN B737-8FE VH-YIS (CN39926)


VIRGIN B737-8FE VH-YIJ (CN 39924)

EMIRATES A380-838 A6-EDM (42)


The below photos were taken by my daughter who I
call my little Co-Pilot, she loves planes as much as her Dad


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