Saturday, 28 February 2015

QANTAS gets closer to Boeing 787 order

Qantas is sounding increasingly confident on adding the Boeing 787 to its fleet on the back of the airline's return to profitablity, with initial discussions already underway which could see the first Dreamliner flying within two years.
Having chalked up a $367 million dollar pre-tax profit over the July-December 2014 period, talk of making good on Qantas' oft-delayed Dreamliner order is back on the table.
Qantas has had 50 of Boeing's next-gen jets in the pipeline but the order has been contingent on a turnaround for the Flying Kangaroo's international arm, which would fly the Dreamliners on current routes and open up new destinations.
With Qantas International now back in the black – the overseas operation soared from a $262 million loss in the second half of 2013 to a pre-tax profit of $59 million in July-December 2014, representing a $321 million turnaround – that box has now been ticked.

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