Friday, 6 February 2015

My Darwin to Brisbane Flight

I arrived at the airport around midday for my 2 pm (Darwin time) flight home, after checking in with Virgin I was given my boarding pass and told we will be boarding at 1.40 from Gate 3.
I went upstairs and noticed the long ongoing renovations were finished and the new café offered excellent views of the runway and taxi ways. Once before you could not see the runway at all apart from two little windows, and if someone was sitting there you missed out.
The new extension of the terminal was opened as well but renovations were still continuing .
After having lunch in the new café and sitting near Gate 3 I noticed it was 1.30 and there was still no aircraft at Gate 3, I thought great, another late flight home.
I got up and walked around and after 15 mins thinking this is weird, I heard the page "this is the last call for the Brisbane flight, please go to Gate 5.        It was clear I hadn't heard the gate change notification.
The aircraft, a Boeing 737-8FE VH-YVC (CN 40997) with the name 'Jetty Beach' was sitting there in the bright Darwin sunshine waiting for us to take us home. Sitting in 6A I took my seat, I turned on my iPad and logged into the Virgin Wi-Fi. We pushed back 20 mins late at 2.20 local, (2.50 Brisbane) and taxied out for a 29 departure. After taking off we maintained runway heading for about 5 mile then made a long slow left hand turn and headed for Brisbane. The flight was very smooth and very comfortable, as we approached Brisbane we were put in a 10 min holding pattern. We landed on runway 19 in Brisbane at exactly 6.45pm (local) so the flight was 5 mins under 4 hours long.
My next flight is on Monday 16th February to Cairns.

Flight path of VA 454

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