Sunday, 15 February 2015

Melbourne's turn for Antartic Flight

Last Sunday (8th Feb) it was Adelaide's turn for the Antarctic flight and once again it was VH-OEH. QANTAS 2905 departed from runway 23 at 6.50 (Adelaide Time) banked left and climbed to 290. 12 and 1/2 hours later 2905 returned and touched down again on runway 23 at 7.19 pm (Adelaide Time)

Today is Melbourne's turn for the last Antarctic flight for this season; so last night VH-OEH positioned Sydney - Melbourne as QF6107 in preparation for today's flight. It departed Sydney's runway 34L at 8.10 pm (Sydney Time) and touched down on runway 16 in Melbourne just after 9.30 pm.
According to Flight Aware QFA 2907 should have departed 8.10 am (Melbourne Time) but it has been rescheduled for a 12.40 pm departure. (Melbourne Time).
4 hours 30 mins  late VH-OEH jumped in the air off runway 34, made a long slow right hand turn before setting course for Antarctica via Mallacoota and Wynyard in NW Tasmania.

VH-OEH B747-438 (CN 32912) off to Antarctica

It is 8.45 pm Brisbane time and I just thought I would check on QANTAS 2907 to see where it was and I discovered it is not due back into Melbourne until 1.15am Monday morning... I think there would be a few angry customers on this flight.

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