Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Cairns to Townsville Flight

Today I was back at Cairns airport for my flight to Townsville.
I arrived at the airport around 9.30 am for my 10.45 am QANTAS LINK flight.
Flight 2305 was going to be Dash 8-300 series and this would have been the first time I had flown on this type of aircraft.
Sitting at gate 15 with my 12 D boarding pass, our boarding time of 10.25 came and went and our departure time of 10.45 came and went and then the announcement that every traveller dreads.... the flight has been cancelled due to a cyclone up north.
We were informed to go to the QANTAS service desk where we were issued with a new boarding pass and a $25.00 voucher for a meal and a drink.
The new flight was now QANTAS 2313 at 2.30 pm and the boarding through gate 17 would be at 2.10pm.... but wait there's more... I later get a phone call from QANTAS saying there has been another flight change, there are a few seats left on an earlier flight leaving at 1.30 if I want to be on that, so yet again my flight details have been changed. I went back to the QANTAS service desk to once again to get another, my third, boarding pass. This time I was in 18D and the flight would be QANTAS 2307.
At 1pm we got our boarding call; while I was on board and waiting for the other passengers to board, I noticed the QANTAS 737-800 (CN 39365) in the Aboriginal colour scheme pushing back, this aircraft is called "Mendoowoorrji" meaning 'Medicine Pocket'.
My aircraft VH-LQB a Dash 8 Q400 pushed back from gate 14 at exactly 1.28pm, we taxied out and had a rolling start on runway 15; becoming airborne at 1.37pm.
 As the aircraft was full we took a fair bit of the runway, at around 500 feet we banked left and I could clearly see the Hotel where I stayed and the city of Cairns. 
Like most of the flights this one was very smooth.
We climbed to flt lvl 170 and as we were gunning it, the flight crew only served cold drinks.
40 mins later we touched down on runway 01 in Townsville right on 2.17pm.
We taxied in for gate 7, most of the passengers stayed on this flight as it was continuing on to Mackay, Rockhampton and then finally Brisbane.

VH-LQB DASH 8 Q-400 (CN 4343)



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